They’re Talking About You! Monitor Your Brand Online

For years, tech-savvy business owners have used Google Alerts to monitor the Internet and see what people are saying about their brand. The free service sends email notifications whenever a specified phrase — such as your business name, brand name, industry, or other keywords — show up in the search results.

The downside is that it can only monitor content online, Google can’t hear what your customers are saying about your brand offline. Since most small business owners don’t have customers with high-profile blogs, the assumption is that their customers don’t spend much time talking online. But, Twitter is changing everything.

With the explosive popularity of Twitter, customers are talking online more than ever before. Don’t believe me? Just look at the PR mess Southwest found when actor Kevin Smith started tweeting about his travel experience.

When customers start talking, business owners need to start listening. Of course, you can’t spend all day staring at a Twitter, what you need is a Twitter Alert. Or, a “Twilert.” is a free Web app that monitors Twitter conversations in much the same way Google monitors the rest of the Internet. Set up an Twilert for your business using any of dozens of keywords:

  • Your company name, website, or brand
  • Your market or industry topic
  • Popular phrases
  • “Hash tag” topics
  • Specific Twitter users

In fact, the website states you can set up Twitter alerts on “well, any keyword you like really.”