Community and Communication

At TalkStory Media, we're passionate about the Internet and mildly obsessed with great design, social media, new technology and old-school marketing. At our heart, we're a communications company.

We help our clients talk to their clients online. We build websites, provide content, and help business owners navigate the social media landscape. We plan and consult for social media campaigns that get local results because we focus on community. We believe great communities begin with great communication — online and off.

Speechless: Finding Topics for the Business Blogger

So, you started a great blog for your business. You were fired up to write and had a month’s worth of topics to get the ball rolling. Now, two months later you’ve “been there, said that,” and don’t know what to talk about next. What happens when you run out of things to say? The […]

They’re Talking About You! Monitor Your Brand Online

For years, tech-savvy business owners have used Google Alerts to monitor the Internet and see what people are saying about their brand. The free service sends email notifications whenever a specified phrase — such as your business name, brand name, industry, or other keywords — show up in the search results. The downside is that […]

Where to Distribute A Press Release

Once you’ve taken the time to craft the perfect press release, you want to make sure that it gets seen! It’s time to distribute your press release. Do you know where? If you don’t have experience submitting press releases — heck, even if you do — finding all the best places to put your release […]